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To London and Back in Ten Poems

March 13, 2011

A day trip to London on the train provides ample opportunity for window gazing, and for composing small poems.  Here’s a sequence that I tweeted as I travelled down and back on Monday 7th March, 2011.

From Shipley to London


horses ~ defrosting pasture ~ with their breath ~ mist ~ thickens


frosted tussocks ~ camouflage ~ rabbit’s ~ white tail ~ furred grass


broken cloud ~ raining light ~ heavy shower


bare winter trees ~ wrapped ~ ivy mufflers


eyes closed ~ sun warmed ~ face ~ each bridge ~ a shadow



In London


cherry blossom square ~ man of peace sits serenely ~ shades of light and dark



From London to Shipley


slicing north ~ through a deep cutting ~ setting sun ~ bleeding ~ into my eyes


undulating fields ~ sun sets rises sets rises ~ enough for a month


starlings swooping dance ~ across pale orange backcloth ~ lit by crescent moon


playground ~ at dusk ~ the wind ~ takes its turn ~ on the swing


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