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Journey Through the Pennines

March 15, 2011

I had another of my work rail journeys today, on the Little North Western over to Lancaster and back.  Although it was a foggy day, there was enough visibility to stimulate a Twitter micropoetry travelogue, which I’ve brought together here.


From Shipley to Lancaster


sheep tracks ~ carved ~ through tussocks


lambs ~ lying down ~ with the crows


brought Basho along ~ on this journey through the North ~ the fog will lift soon


awaiting first glimpse ~ of broad bay between mountains ~ the tide may be out


long curve of the track ~ to join the west coast main line ~ flanges lean squealing


having reached the coast ~ I find the sea ~ is out ~ next time ~ I’ll call ahead


waves ~ of mud ~ shore ~ to shore ~ treacherous bay


the train ~ jumped over ~ the Lune


In Lancaster


walking ~ down alleys ~ looking ~ for ghosts ~ familar cobbles


playground constructed ~ where I used to play football ~ childrens’ enclosure


From Lancaster to Shipley


grey heron ~ still ~ the river flows


running deer ~ looks back ~ passing train


somewhere near here ~ Lancashire ~ meets Yorkshire ~ all I see ~ is the North


six lambs ~ three ewes ~ busy mothers




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