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The Moors

September 15, 2011
View of Baildon Moor from Sconce Lane.

Baildon Moor from Sconce Lane.

Although I’ve been writing a lot of micro-poetry over the past couple of years, it’s very rare that I attempt anything longer.   I was lured out of my complacency by a local poetry competition, Sounds of Science, which coincided with the British Science Festival coming to Bradford.   You’ll find the winners here – I’m not among them, but I thought I might as well let mine loose into the world anyway. 

The Moors


Roaming Bradford moors

With a scientific lens

Exploring new worlds

In familiar places,

A deep topography.


Call of the Peewit

Or Vanellus vanellus

Red list species

With a green tinge,

Moorland ecology.


Rough Rock outcrops

Of Yeadonian sandstone

Deltaic deposits

Smoothed by the rain,

Moorland geology.


Sphagnum and sedges

Blanket over the bog

Cation exchange

In acidic sludge,

Moorland chemistry.


Crunchy rust bracken

On a dark autumn night

Showered by Leonids

At 72 km/s,

Moorland astronomy.


Tracing fingers

Through cups and rings

Bronze Age carvings

Resist interrogation.

Moorland mystery.


Immersed in place

Triangulated by data

Curled in my own geocache

Secret co-ordinates.

A local positioning.

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